There are many uses for old sheets, including the tried and true kids' cubby.
There are many uses for old sheets, including the tried and true kids' cubby. familylifestyle

Upcycle your old linen for a home makeover

IF YOU have a hankering for a bedroom makeover, then you might begin with the worn-out bed sheets. There is a multitude of uses for bed sheets that have worn out their bedroom welcome.

KIDS' COSTUMES: Capes are easy to sew and they make kids' imaginations run wild. They can be superheros, vampires, Little Red Riding Hood, magicians; it could even be an "invisibility cape".

CURTAINS OR CURTAIN LINERS: Funky patterns and solid colours make great backgrounds for second-hand curtains. Hem the sides and bottom and sew a larger hem at the top. Run a curtain rod through the larger hem and hang. Thicker sheets in solid colours are great for sewing to the back of an existing curtain to block out the sun.

CLOTHING: My mother gets hold of quality second-hand sheets or doona covers and washes them up and uses the fabric for fashioning clothes for the kids and lightweight dresses for herself. There are some really nice vintage sheets out there that are virtually new and the fabric looks amazing when made into a dress.

DONATE: Give sheets to a local pet rescue shelter or veterinary surgery or homeless shelter. They are always in need of more supplies and they will be put to good use.

FOR BABY: If you have bought a bigger bed, why not fashion your sheets that no longer fit your bed into some smaller ones? Single or cot sheet sets are a great way to use up sheets and you will get lots of use out of them.

FIRST AID: Cut old sheets up to make cotton bandages or slings.

CUBBY HOUSE: The good old chair and sheet cubby will give the kids hours if not days of fun. You can even set one up permanently over their beds and they can have their own little safari tent bed. I recently used some to make my son's bottom bunk into a cubby. I just left the opening in the middle of the side away from the wall. He always slept on the top bunk and had no interest in the bottom one except to pile his toys and clothes on.

He hasn't slept on the top bunk since I did it.

Jody Allen is the founder of Stay At Home Mum.