Businesses set to make alliances to stay competitive

GLADSTONE Engineering Alliance chief executive officer Carli Homann said the local businesses have the power to position themselves for the future.

And the future is bright according to Mrs Homann who said the conference showed there would be more projects in 2017-2018.

"Businesses need to work out what they can give the clients and strategically align themselves with the clients," she said.

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"Local business are in a good position to deliver on these works and contracts and now it is up to them to show they can do the work and take the work."

She said the 13th GEA Major Industry Conference was a success with more than 130 business represented at the entertainment centre.

"We encourage alliances between businesses," she said.

"It is going to be needed during a time when there is some much competition but if they can do this they will create a strong position with clients going forward.

"We don't use the word bust in our organisation and there is a lot of opportunity there to take hold of."