United front will make things happen in our industry town

INDUSTRY is a major feature on Gladstone's landscape and it has been for many years.

And so it becomes quite logical to have industry groups such as the Gladstone Engineering Alliance collectively support industrial businesses in town.

It's the initiative of groups such as GEA which make it possible for the people in our community to better understand where industry is heading and what to expect in the future.

The GEA has this year brought together a strong group of speakers to address its two-day conference which starts on Wednesday, and no doubt delegates will go away better informed and better equipped to make decisions on the future of their businesses.

If it wasn't for groups such as the GEA and GILG, each business would have to struggle to have itself heard and strategic decisions would be much more difficult to make.

They say a united front is a much better way to make things happen than by trying to do it all on your own.