USQ students face unclear future as Sunshine Coast takes over

STUDENTS fear they may have to drop out of tertiary education as some courses will be scrapped when the University of the Sunshine Coast takes over the University of Southern Queensland campus.

USQ announced last month it would be taken over by the University of the Sunshine Coast.

As a result of the take-over, a new Bachelor of Sport Studies will be offered for the first time, but the secondary school teaching element of a Bachelor of Education will no longer be offered on campus.

Bachelor of Human Services student Shelley Hibbert walked out of yesterday morning's student meeting with USC Deputy Vice-Chancellor Birgit Lohmann.

Majoring in health and wellbeing, Ms Hibbert said her Human Services course had also been downsized.

"They're pretty much saying that if you can't study externally then you'll have to drop out," she said.

"I've been with the uni for two years.

"I really don't know where to go - as far as getting a degree, I don't know what I'll do."

Despite pledging to meet with students individually, Ms Hibbert said she had not been contacted by any staff member.

Ms Hibbert said some of her classmates were in the same boat with their futures now uncertain.

"We all feel screwed over," she said.

Professor Lohmann told the Chronicle the meeting with students "went well".

She said the courses USC would provide on the Fraser Coast was similar to those already there.

"Quite a lot of them have good alignment with what USQ are offering," she said.

But for students studying courses that will not be continued, Prof Lohmann said there would be alternatives.

"Students will be able to progress or enrol online," she said.

"That was part of the discussion today.

"There will be avenues for those students to complete using those online offerings."


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