Graham Humphreys loves diving around Gladstone.
Graham Humphreys loves diving around Gladstone.

It's a whole new world under Gladstone harbour

MY SECRET SPOT: Graham Humphreys loves to explore Gladstone from a different perspective.

The scuba diver says he can be found underwater just as often as he can be found above it.

Mr Humphreys has lived in Gladstone since 1982 and opened Diamond Lite Scuba, a commercial scuba diving company in 1995.

This week Mr Humphreys has shared his special spot - under the Gladstone Harbour.

MY SECRET spot is at the bottom of the harbour!

I love to disappear under the sea to the harbour bottom, that's where you can find me.

There it is all very quiet; there are new friends and new places to explore.

Under the sea is a new world, no one has usually ever been in the same spot before.

Each excursion can take you to a completely unexplored place. You are the first visitor there.

I've been to Heron Island, it was a long time ago but there were very spectacular things to see there.

The bottom of Port Curtis is varied and can be exciting.  

With clear visibility you discover undersea creatures in their own habitat.

You have to shop around for visibility when you're diving in the harbour.

I've been in the Auckland river and there's a lot of things in there, it's very pretty in there just in front of the yacht club. I found some very colourful

nudibranchs not far from the Matthew Flinders bridge. They're colourful worms like snails without a shell.

Danger is always present with stinging plants and worms and corals.

There are many poisonous fish to encounter as you move along the sea floor.

Deadly creatures to meet include crab, octopus and shark. But everyone is very friendly.

All the colours are new and the shifting currents carry you past many fish's homes.

Sometimes they greet you and other times they disappear in a flash.

You can see the port wharf piles in the distance with the many hundreds of small fish visitors constantly moving throughout the pilings.

Gatcombe Heads is another nice spot, there's a lighthouse there in a small bay, immediately in front there's a wreck of the Glanworth and it's very spectacular there if the water is clear.

Graham's top spots:

  • Auckland Creek out the front of the Yacht Club
  • Gatcombe Heads
  • Port Curtis
SPECTACULAR: Heron Island is a diver’s paradise.
SPECTACULAR: Heron Island is a diver’s paradise.