UMBILICAL PROPOSAL: Brian, Michelle and Dave Collins in 2015.
UMBILICAL PROPOSAL: Brian, Michelle and Dave Collins in 2015.

Umbilical Brother's marriage proposal couple found

IT WAS the Gladstone marriage proposal that made Umbilical Brother's history, but nobody thought to get the couple's names.

Earlier this week, Umbilical Brother performer Dave Collins recounted the story of how a Gladstone man proposed to his girlfriend during their last performance here.

The only thing he couldn't recall were their names.

Fortunately a reader recognised the happy pair in the photograph from this weeks' story and got in touch with Brian Hill and his fiance Michelle Payne.

"I've been following the Umbilical Brother's for years," Brian said.

"Before they came to town in 2015 I contacted them a couple of months beforehand and told them I was planning to propose to Michelle.

"They were delighted."

On Valentine's Day the couple arrived at the Gladstone Entertainment and Convention Centre to see the Umbilical Brother's show.

Michelle was blissfully unaware of what else lay in store for her that night.

"It was tough keeping it a secret from her," Brian said.

"In fact I almost called it off because the ring hadn't arrived.

"But the boys said to go ahead anyway and do it without the ring.

"It was quite a surprise for her and the rest of the crowd on the night."


UMBILICAL KNOT: Brian Hill proposed to his girlfriend Michelle during the Umbilical Brother's show in 2015.
UMBILICAL KNOT: Brian Hill and Michelle Payne three years after Brian proposed during the Umbilical Brother's show in 2015.

Brian said he started receiving messages from friends congratulating him before the show ended.

"They all follow the Umbilical Brothers and saw the post they put up during the show," he said.

The couple still haven't got married, but "it's not too far away."

Unfortunately, due to work commitments they won't be able to catch up with the Umbilical Brothers before their performance tonight at the GECC.

"I've been in touch with them though," Brian said.

"I was able to fill them in on everything we've been doing."