Women are admitting to ordering Uber Eats while in hospital having babies.
Women are admitting to ordering Uber Eats while in hospital having babies.

Uber weird food delivery a hit with expectant mums

WOMEN have admitted to ordering Uber Eats while in the labour ward, some saying their hubbies ordered food while they were giving birth.

And it's no wonder expectant parents are getting hungry in hospital with some labours lasting up to 12 hours.

A Greater Springfield mother who wished to remain anonymous said she was staying at Mater Mothers for the birth of her daughter and had Uber Eats delivered to reception where her husband met them.

She ordered pizza and burgers after her labour when family and friends were visiting in hospital.

And she's not the only one.

Others have posted to Facebook about how they ordered Uber Eats in hospital - some while they were in labour.

An Uber Eats spokeswoman said it wasn't uncommon for food to be delivered to hospitals.

Delivery driver Emily Cooke has been working for Uber Eats in Ipswich part time for about a year and has delivered to the Ipswich Hospital a few times.

She loves the "freedom" of being able to choose when she works with the company.

Ms Cooke said most of her deliveries were to people ordering big macs, chicken nuggets and quarter pounders from McDonald's or orders from the new Carl's Jr in West Ipswich.

"I had one weird one, this guy ordered a six inch sub from Subway and six 600ml bottles of coke," she said.

Ms Cooke works part time as a waitress and lives with her partner and dogs in Raceview.

"If you do enough deliveries in a day it's worth it," she said.

In Springfield and Ipswich most customers get food delivered to their homes but across Brisbane there is a trend to order to Southbank Park, Newstead Park and hospitals.

"In major Queensland cities, on average 15 per cent of McDonald's orders happen between midnight and 6am," the Uber Eats spokeswoman said. 

  • Fast food and deserts are what hungry eaters want after 9pm - making up about 30 per cent of searches late at night.
  • One pizza lover in Brisbane has even ordered a huge $914 delivery.
  • Queensland eaters are increasingly searching for healthy options more, a trend that is particularly apparent as we head into the summer months.
  • Eaters are also more health conscious during the week with searches for healthy items peaking at lunchtime.