Uber holds prospective drivers session in Gladstone

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Uber plans to launch a Gladstone service before Christmas.

POTENTIAL Uber drivers had a chance to see what all the fuss was about yesterday when they attending a driver information session at the Oaks Grand.

Running for 40 minutes, with a large chunk of that time set aside for questions, the session was run by Uber state manager Alex Golden and Uber operations associate Rachel McDonnell and covered all the ins and outs of joining the ridesharing giant.

Sixteen people attended the session, with another held in Rockhampton yesterday afternoon.

Mr Golden said he was happy with the interest shown in Gladstone.

"These information sessions are good to cater to the needs of all different people," he said.

"In most cities we launch most people do it online and follow the instructions because it's pretty simple, and there's also some people who want to come in, shake your hand and meet face to face, which is great, too.

"There's a lot of interest and a lot of really great questions that we can answer while we're here. It's great to see people embracing it and asking the right questions so they can get on the road."

Uber is targeting an early December launch in Gladstone and Mr Golden expects drivers to be kept busy throughout the festive season.

"Given that it's a lot easier to become a rider than a driver because there's a government accreditation process, it can be hard to keep up with the number of riders who want to use the app, so we definitely encourage people to take advantage of the opportunity to be their own boss and make money in your own car whenever you want," he said

"There's certainly enough riders who are waiting for you."


Uber operations associate Rachel McDonnell at the Gladstone Uber information session.
Uber operations associate Rachel McDonnell at the Gladstone Uber information session. Matt Harris

Uber is also launching in 14 other regional centres across Australia, with five of those in Queensland.

Mr Golden said the company had done its research and saw a demand in those markets.

"There has been a large number of potential riders over the last couple of years opening the app so we see the data," he said. "We also get people writing in and asking questions like 'why not Gladstone?'.

"We're in 20-plus cities around Australia and we know riders want it, but what we also know is during economic downturns or when people are finding it tough to find some work, driving on the Uber platform can be a great way to supplement some other income or just get them through that time.

"Many really like it and continue doing it and others might want to get back and pursue their professional career so it can work really well for that as well."

Mr Golden said people who missed out on the information session can find out all they need online.

"The best thing to do is going online and sign up to drive. Once you've signed up we can send you a lot of information about how the app works, what's great about driving with Uber as well as what you need to do to get on the road if you decide you want to go down that path."