The new BMW X5.
The new BMW X5. Simon Watts/

Two-wheel drive BMW X5 to start from $82,900

BMW will next year launch a rear-wheel drive variant of its popular X5 starting from $82,900.

The refreshed line-up of the large SUV, or rather SAV (sports activity vehicle) as BMW prefers to call it, is just about to hit showrooms with three of the seven new models poised to hit showrooms.

Starting the range at $82,900 matches the base model Mercedes-Benz 250 Blue Tec, but undercuts the Audi Q7 by nearly eight grand.

The base model sDrive25d will be powered by a 3.0-litre turbo diesel which generates 160kW and 450Nm. Scheduled for a March arrival, it will be joined by the xDrive25d all-wheel driver derivative with the same powerplant.

Also earmarked to touch down next year are the xDrive 35i (twin turbo six-cylinder petrol) and the xDrive40d (twin turbo diesel six-cylinder).

So for now the price leader is the $99,900 xDrive30d (turbocharged 3.0-litre diesel), followed by the xDrive50i (4.4-litre turbocharged V8 petrol) and the M50d (tri turbo diesel).

BMW "F15" X5.
Details: Five-door large luxury all-wheel drive sports utility vehicle.
Engines: 3.0-litre six-cylinder twin-turbo diesel generating maximum power of 190kW @ 4000rpm and peak torque of 560Nm @ 1500-3000rpm; 4.4-litre twin turbocharged V8 petrol 330kW @6000rpm and 650Nm @ 2000-4500rpm; 3.0-litre triple turbocharged six-cylinder diesel 280kW 4000-4400rpm and 740Nm @ 2000-3000rpm.
Transmission: Eight-speed automatic.
Consumption: 6.2 litres/100km (combined average); 10.5L/100km; 6.7L/100km.
CO2: 162g/km; 244g/km; 172g/km.
Performance (0-100kmh): 6.9 seconds; 5.0sec; 5.3sec.
Bottom line: 30d $99,900; 50i $133,900; M50d $147,900.

The new BMW X5.
Inside the new BMW X5. Simon Watts/