A red bellied snake.
A red bellied snake. Rachel Vercoe

Two toddlers bitten by snakes within two hours

WARMER temperatures and mating reptiles have been blamed for a spike in snake bite reports in the northern Queensland region.

Two toddlers in Mackay were taken to hospital on Friday after suspected bites.

Queensland Ambulance Service confirmed paramedics had been called to three snake bite incidents since Sunday, two of them occurring within a two-hour timeframe on Friday.

One boy was taken, in a stable condition, to Mackay Base Hospital from Andergrove at 12.09pm Friday for a suspected snake bite to his hand. Another boy was also in a stable condition after being taken to hospital from Gargett with a suspected bite to his foot.

Paramedics took a woman to hospital from South Mackay on Sunday after a suspected snake bite to her leg.

Snake catcher Matt Moon said he has been called out three or four times a day this week to remove snakes, including eastern browns and pythons, from properties around Mackay.

"There's a bit of warm weather we're having, so snakes are coming out to have a feed while they can," he said.

Mackay's 'Snake Man' Brett Modra said breeding season has also kicked in, so males fighting males had left some snakes more worked up and ready to bite.

Meteorologist Michael Knepp said Mackay has had a warmer than average winter, with temperatures reaching about 24.1C. Mackay's winter average is 22.6C

"At the moment we are not on track to have a record winter, but it is quite warm," he said.

"The warmness will continue, with 25C to 26C over the next week, which is above average for this time of the year."

People are warned to call a professional snake catcher to remove unwanted reptiles from their home.