Two reported dead in gun attack in Austria on election day

TWO people have reportedly been killed in a shooting in western Austria. 

Associated Press reported the a gunman also wounded 11 other people before shooting himself. 

The shooting was reported to have happened at a concert near the town of Nenzing. 

The shooting coincided with Austria's national election, where voters are expected to increasingly give their vote to fringe groups rather than the main parties thanks to high tension issues such as the economy and the migration crisis. 

Freedom Party (FPO) candidate Norbert Hofer could be the first far-right leader to be elected in Europe for decades.

AP reported Austrian police said the man had been arguing with a woman, then fetched a gun out of his car, went to the concert venue and started shooting at random.

The shooting is not believed to be connected to ISIS but follows on from a number of terrorist shooting attacks on other European cities.