Two dogs dead after shocking roadside attack

Two dogs have died after an attack north of Brisbane.

Caboolture Magistrates Court heard a momentary lapse in concentration led to Dayboro man Mark Andrew Taylor's female great dane escaping his control and fatally mauling another dog.

According to information from prosecutors Moreton Bay Regional Council, the attack happened on June 7 when an elderly couple were walking their small leashed dogs along a footpath on Laidlaw St.

The court heard the great dane, which was out the front of a nearby property, spotted the smaller dogs and attacked one of them, a maltese cross pomeranian called Lucy.

While an extremely apologetic Taylor wrestled to free the small dog from the great dane's grip, its injuries were so severe it died before arriving at a veterinary surgery.

The court heard it was Taylor who had offered to take the injured dog to the vet, and had later voluntarily euthanised his own dog, which had been a family pet.

"I'm so sorry," Mr Taylor told the court.

Magistrate Andrew Hackett noted the catastrophic incident had happened after a "momentary" lapse in Taylor's attention and was given a reduced fine of $700 with no conviction recorded.

Mayor Peter Flannery said it was a distressing case for everyone involved, but welcomed the court's ruling in the interests of keeping the Moreton Bay community safe.

"This particular incident is a tragic reminder of how quickly things can go terribly wrong if you're not in control of your pet," Cr Flannery said.

"I want to acknowledge the remorse that this particular dog owner has shown.

"He immediately chose to euthanise the family's pet in the interests of community safety and cooperated with council officers.

"This is genuinely community-minded behaviour and in stark contrast to the irresponsible pet owners who've necessitated council's zero tolerance approach to irresponsible pet ownership."

Cr Flannery said Moreton Bay was facing "shockingly" high rates of animal attacks.

"And I intend turning those statistics around.

"I'm in talks with the Agriculture Minister and new Attorney-General to progress our lobbying about the need to give dog attack victims greater power and support by changing the Animal Management Act and QCAT (Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal) Act.

"This follows the motion Moreton Bay Regional Council successfully passed at the 2019 LGAQ Conference with Goondiwindi Regional Council.

"Dogs aren't born bad but they can be dangerous, and everyone in our community has the right to be safe.

"Council will not hesitate to throw the book at anyone who wants to test the boundaries of the laws we have in place to keep people safe."

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