Danielle McIver's tweet has gone viral. Picture: Twitter
Danielle McIver's tweet has gone viral. Picture: Twitter

Teen bombarded with snaps of men in hi-vis after viral tweet

A STUDENT who revealed she finds workmen attractive has been swamped by snaps of potential suitors in high-vis.

Danielle McIver, 18, tweeted recently that the "three sexiest" things are "a guy in workwear, a guy in grey cottons or a guy driving."

Dozens of hopeful blokes bombarded the nursing student's post with pictures of themselves in work gear - but so far her perfect man hasn't appeared.

Danielle, from Livingston, Scotland told Sun Online: "I haven't replied to anybody at all yet. I don't think I'll find the man of my dreams on Twitter."

"It takes a bit more than some workwear and a driving licence," she added.

"I'm just laughing it off. My parents don't know yet though."

One man sent a photo of himself clad in a fluorescent yellow bin man uniform posing seductively for the camera, while a gardener posted a picture of himself getting stuck into some weeds.

Another ticked all three boxes by sending in a video of himself working, wearing hi-vis gear over a grey sweatshirt as he drove around a construction site.

One tweeter asked Danielle: "What about my pal Callum Scott?" alongside a Snapchat image of Callum in his work clothes with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth.

Another posted a picture of a friend taking a break from digging to pose with his spade and asked: "What about my friend in his work wear?"

And a third tweeter tried to set up his firefighter pal Josh by sending in a picture of him in uniform.

Hopeful Josh replied: "Loves a man in uniform."

Several girls also wrote in to Danielle, with one writing "Yess or the grey cottons", with a love heart emoji.


Another told her boyfriend "You look finest in your joinery trousers."

This story originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced with permission.