Turn around and it’s almost festival time in Gladstone

HOW busy are we in Central Queensland?

There's no time to wash the mould off the walls after the cyclones or even catching the toads in the backyard at Tannum.

There's really so many things on to keep us all out of mischief.

In one week we'll be buying chocolates and flowers for our loved ones for Valentine's Day.

In four weeks we'll be rocking out to Richard Clapton at the Agnes Water Blues and Roots Festival.

In 10 weeks' time we'll all be entertaining each other with eight days of fun and excitement with the 2014 Gladstone Harbour Festival.

I know 10 weeks sounds like a while, but it's really not. It will be here before you know it and its all guns blazing for all the volunteers over the Easter festivities.

There's been a fair bit of press lately about will there be any changes to our yearly event that people travel from far away to be a part of. The simple answer is yes.

One being the famous street parade isn't happening this year due to many different factors like costs and manpower.

I hope it comes back again next year if supporters come forward to help.

It's been a tradition for so many years now, it would be soul-destroying for the next generation not to experience what is a magical few hours on a festival afternoon.

I know this year we've got some wonderful stage entertainment lined up, guaranteed to entertain the masses each night.

The kids are looked after, so are the teenagers and of course the adults are well catered for with a plethora of varied entertainment each night at the Gladstone Marina.

I must take this opportunity to acknowledge the workers and volunteers of the festival, who year after year deliver such a wonderful event.

From me, to all of them, thank you.

On a sad note I was heckled last week suggesting that "...what do you care Rob, you're paid to do it..."

Can I just clarify something here, I am NOT, and have NEVER have been paid to MC ANY of the Harbour Festival events, and NEVER will.

I volunteer my time like the rest of us and have been happy to do for the last four years since coming back to CQ.

I hope you can have a think about how you can contribute your time for this year's festival.

Just think about it, please.