MOVING HERITAGE: Collector Ron Streeter in his 1932 McCormick Deering tractor in the grand parade.
MOVING HERITAGE: Collector Ron Streeter in his 1932 McCormick Deering tractor in the grand parade. Mike Richards GLA140718TRAB

Turkey Beach revs up for Tractor Bash

MORE than 2000 people flocked to Turkey Beach on Saturday for the annual Tractor Bash.

The community park was full of stationary engines, high-powered racing ride-on mowers, trucks, hot rods and of course, tractors.

Tractor and machinery enthusiast Ron Streeter has been to every tractor bash since it started about four years ago.

"I've been involved with tractors for years, but I collect anything to do with motors, I love them," he said.

Mr Streeter is a member of the Callide Dawson Machinery Preservation Club.

"We operate out of the Silo display centre in Biloela," he said.

"There's about 130 enthusiasts scattered around the area."

His collection includes seven tractors and 40-50 stationary engines of which about half are still running.

"I've got a few on display here today, including the International truck I carted them all here with," Mr Streeter said.

"The oldest tractor I brought with me is an American built 1932 McCormick Deering.

"It came with steel wheels, but I've put rubber on them to make it more comfortable to ride around on.

"The oldest tractor I own was built in 1926 and I bought it from a family in Ingham who owned it from new."


Mr Streeter pointed out several stationary engines chugging away inside a fenced-off area.

"These were used on farms to pump water or make electricity," he said.

"There's an Australian built Southern Cross pump, a Moffat Virtue lighting plant and the Kelly and Lewis engine that was built in Melbourne in 1927."

He is passionate about preserving the old machinery.

"We're just caretakers of them," Mr Streeter said.

"When I go half my collection will go to my son, and the other half to my nephew.

"You've got to do that, they're too valuable historically to let them just die.

These machines helped build Australia, and a hell of a lot of them ended up as scrap metal, that's horrific.

"If you know anyone with an old motor or tractor, then get them to call me, I'd be happy to have it."