Sound workshop set to help local musos

A LOCAL country music group is tuning in to what local musicians want.

A sound and staging workshop will be held next Monday night which will cover all facets of sound.

Gladstone Country Music Group member Cheryl Hopkins said it would cover everything from getting the right sound to bellow from speakers, to an introduction to public address systems and placement of speakers.

"It's for people who play and listen to music and want to get some idea of how live sound is mixed," Mrs Hopkins said.

It will be presented by experienced music technologist and composer Michael Whiticker.

Mrs Hopkins and husband Rob experienced Michael's talent at a music wworkshop in Mt Tamborine.

"Michael was doing sound there and he mixed the voices and sounds of the people at the event and it was beautiful, as perfect as you could get," she said.

The workshop would appeal to all interested in comparing, emceeing, singing and band members.

She said the music industry needed to support those keen to learn.

"It's quite technical. When you sit in front of a mixing desk with all these little nobs, it looks very confusing... Michael just shows how simple it can really be," she said.

"You've always got people coming through wanting to learn to sing, play music and write chord charts, so we (the Gladstone Country Music Group) like to get involved and help people."

The workshop will be held on August 11 at 6pm at the Queensland Rail Institute Club on Off St.

A cost of $25 applies for the workshop. Phone 0414 982 318 or 0415 129 032 for more details.