Trump snaps after watching ad


DONALD Trump was left seething over a fresh new TV ad launched against him by billionaire rival Mike Bloomberg.

The President has been urged by his advisers to ignore the onslaught of ads targeting him, according to The New York Times.

But Mr Trump snapped after seeing the spending had migrated to his favourite morning show Fox & Friends.

The ad was based on reporting from a newly-released book, 'A Very Stable Genius', describing him as "erratic" and pointing to the "chaos" in his administration.

Mr Bloomberg's campaign manager, Kevin Sheekey, appeared on the network to unveil the ad.

"I think people want our commander in chief to respect the institution, and I think he weakens the country by attacking it," Mr Sheekey said.

Mr Trump took the bait and hit out on Twitter, saying "Mini Mike" is going to lose.


The Bloomberg campaign has confirmed the ad that set Mr Trump off today will continue to air on Fox News.

Mr Bloomberg has spent $US250 million on TV commercials so far, many of them attacking the President. The ads frequently focus on Mr Trump's lack of stability, and are designed to get a rise.

Evidently they're working.