True cost of IVF delays to be revealed



QUEENSLAND women have heaved a sigh of relief at the announcement that IVF treatments are to resume following a two-month COVID-19 ban which has already taken away vital chances of a successful pregnancy.

"If this halt on treatments had continued for another six months there would be little hope for a women over 40 getting pregnant.," Dr David Molloy of Queensland Fertility Group said.

"This is not your normal elective surgery, people's hopes and dreams are at stake.

"More than one quarter of my patients are over 38. Every cycle is needed. If a woman who is 38 is still trying at 40 her chances are very low.

"We have had to introduce counselling for many women who have been devastated by the delays in treatment. The phones have been running hot," he said.


Dr Molloy who is chairman of the IVF Directors Group of Australia and New Zealand said treatments would resume with the highest risk management protocol.

"It is expected that women will be tested for the virus on entry to the clinic and then tested again during their IVF cycle. There will be strict use of PPE and distancing measures," he said.

Kim Christensen, 32, and her husband Nathan found out six weeks ago they wouldn't be able to have kids naturally.

"We started looking into why we weren't falling pregnant, and through that we found out IVF would be our only option to have kids," Ms Christensen said.

"That was devastating news, we weren't really ready for that."




Their doctor was quite confident as they are of good age and healthy so they planned to start straight away.

"Then we found out that isn't likely to go ahead because of the ban on elective surgery so we've been stuck in this holding pattern," Ms Christensen said.

"For people that have been trying for years and years it's another devastating blow for them, it's not a nice feeling or place to be," she said.


Queensland Fertility Group's Chief Medical Doctor Prof Anusch Yazdani, said, "this has been really, really difficult time for those patients."

Prof Yazdani said there won't be a 'bottleneck for treatments' so patients should be able resume their treatment quickly.

Originally published as True cost of IVF delays to be revealed