Truck Dash cam captures alleged murder in Brisbane

AFTER a man fell into the path of an oncoming truck yesterday a second man has been charged with alleged murder.

Yahoo 7 News has reported that during what looks like a road rage incident one man fell and was crushed by a truck on the Pacific Mwy on ramp at Eight Mile Plains.

However police are saying all the details of what happened aren't clear yet.

The deceased was a 50-year-old from Manruben.

Yahoo 7 News reports that he was allegedly pushed - which caused him to fall into the path of a garbage truck on Tuesday.

The man was crushed by the truck and died at the scene.

Now a 36-year-old Yarrabilba man will appear at Brisbane Magistrates court.

Yahoo 7 said both men were seen getting out of their cars before a fight escalated with shoving and punches, where the Gateway spilts to merge onto the M1, at just after 3pm.

Witnesses say there was nothing they could do to help.

Big Rigs understands it was a truckies dash cam which captured what happened, and police are asking for others with footage to come forward.

Police will now look into what started the argument.