Troy Cassar-Daley reveals home-made mishap

UNABLE to tour during Coronavirus restrictions, country music artist Troy Cassar-Daley has been making the most of his time at home. 

Recently, he turned his hand at a woodworking project... even if things didn't quite go to plan.

In a Twitter post on Wednesday, the singer-songwriter unveiled his latest project, a ukulele. Though, there was just one problem.

While other artists and celebrities avoid posting their project fails on social media, Cassar-Daley's back-to-front ukulele provides some relief for those with similar hobbies that these things happen to everyone.

It's also not the first time Cassar-Daley has shared his mishaps. Earlier this week he posted an old photo of a bloodied toe. According to the Twitter post, he had cut while visiting the Northern Territory in previous years.