Troy Cassar-Daley
Troy Cassar-Daley Nikita Watts

Troy Cassar-Daley recovering from vocal surgery

AUSTRALIAN country music star Troy Cassar-Daley has undergone vocal surgery in the US.

The 25-time Golden Guitar winner released a statement through his music label Mushroom Group about the success of the two rounds of surgery he underwent with Dr Steve Zeitels in Boston.

"I thought the lack of range was just a bit of old age, but the doctor said it looks like a whole lot of hard work and not much recovery time," he said.

"I told him that's what we call touring mate!  And probably singing through illness which I have done quite a bit in the last couple of years."

Dr Zeitels is the laryngeal surgeon singers Adele, Keith Urban, Steve Tyler, John Mayer and Lionel Richie have all entrusted with their vocal chords.

Cassar-Daley noticed a reduction in his vocal range while touring with his latest album Home, for which he won for Golden Guitars in January this year, and was diagnosed with a nodule and several vocal chord ruptures.

Although he has been ordered to stay on complete vocal rest for the next six weeks, Cassar-Daley said he still plans to perform with the Queensland Pops Orchestra for the Queensland Festival next month.

He also plans to tour with mate Adam Harvey for their new album The Great Country Songbook, which will be released next Friday.