QCAT DECISION: Rockhampton Court House.
QCAT DECISION: Rockhampton Court House. Allan Reinikka ROK080917acourtho

Tribunal hands down swim coach decision

FORMER Western Suburbs Swimming Club coach Adam Eiseman has been ordered to pay the club nearly $10,000 by the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

The decision came after the club took legal action against Mr Eiseman, who coached at the club and managed its facilities for eight years up until March.

At a hearing in Gladstone on Wednesday, the tribunal heard Mr Eiseman had not paid electricity, rent, gas and water bills worth $16,006.90 in the lead-up to his leaving the club.

Tribunal member Magistrate Catherine Benson handed down her decision in Rockhampton Magistrates Court this afternoon, ordering Mr Eiseman to repay the outstanding amount.

However, the tribunal also ordered some amounts to be deducted from the $16,006.90.

Both parties agreed Mr Eiseman was owed $4379.82 for coaching services and rates paid up until June.

Issues also arose over water and electricity bills paid by Mr Eiseman while the pool was losing large amounts of water.

An investigator flown up from Brisbane determined there was a simple solution: closing the valve that led to the pool's balance tank.

This meant the pool would not have to be refilled as often and the pump would not have to use power constantly to maintain the water level.


Adam Eiseman was the Junior Excellence award for Central Queensland Swimming, an honour he was not aware he was in the running for.
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FALLING OUT: Former Western Suburbs swimming coach Adam Eiseman in 2015. Paul Braven GLA060215SWIM

Ms Benson determined Mr Eiseman could not have been expected to know the solution, and he couldn't be held responsible for the costs associated with it.

Although Mr Eiseman said the additional water and electricity bills incurred over that period due to the valve's position were in excess of $6000, no clear calculations were provided.

Ms Benson ordered $3000 be reimbursed to Mr Eiseman, removed from the final figure he was ordered to pay to the club.

She found Mr Eiseman was otherwise responsible for the full amount sought.

This totalled $9216, the costs sought by the club plus court fees and interest, less the $3000 reimbursed to Mr Eiseman for the excess water and power costs and the $4379.82 in agreed rates and coaching services.

Everything must be settled between the parties within 30 days.