Jeff Seeney's wage was boosted by $100,000, under the old pay rise.
Jeff Seeney's wage was boosted by $100,000, under the old pay rise. Sharyn O'Neill

Ambos blast Qld MPs over new 'hypocritical' pay rise

THE union representing Queensland's ambulance officers has labelled the Newman government 'total hypocrites' after news MPs will receive a pay rise almost four times that of others.

Queensland Secretary of United Voice, Gary Bullock said although the recommendation of the remuneration tribunal was a "far cry from the 42% rise they wanted to pay themselves, it's still a slap in the face for ambulance officers."

"We have consistently called on this government to impose the same limits on themselves as they have on our members, if and only if, they have to receive any pay increase it should reflect the government's current policy in relation to public sector workers and be 2.2%."

"The fact of the matter is that this government has forced our ambos into arbitration for a pay rise which is only conditional on them giving up essential conditions."

"The government is still refusing to back down and will not let ambulance officers keep their meal overtime allowances and a fair rostering system. "

"They put their lives on the line 24/7 protecting Queenslanders, yet this government thinks politicians deserve a much higher pay increase."

"First and foremost they tried to justify the unjustifiable by using legal grounds to defend the proposed 42% pay rise, now they are telling us that Queensland politicians are the lowest paid in the country and the hardest working!"

"The whole politicians pay rise debacle just screams of one rule for Campbell Newman and another for the public he is supposed to represent. "

"This government cannot pick and choose what rules it applies to itself and what others need to abide by."

The independent tribunal examining Queensland MPs pay decided MPs will receive an increase just under 9%, bringing their base salary to $148,848.

That includes a 5.35% raise from August 2011 and a 3.02% raise for the July 1 2013 to 30 June 2014 financial year.

Fairfax reports the tribunal has also abolished more than 30 allowances and left just three - electoral, information and communication and general travel.

While those allowances have not yet been determined, the reporting requirements have been tweaked.