Chris Trevor announced funding agreement for new trade training centre

Labor candidate promises funding for trade centre at school


LABOR is splashing the cash in its fight to win back the seat of Flynn.

Following last week's Kin Kora roundabout announcement, ALP candidate Chris Trevor is set to make another two funding announcements on Thursday and early next week for the Gladstone region.

On Wednesday he announced $3.4 million for a trade training centre at Gladstone State High School.

But the Coalition has hit back and claimed Labor promised 2650 schools a trade centre in 2007 to be delivered over 10 years.

Mr Trevor said the centre would also be available for students from Miriam Vale, Mount Larcom, Toolooa and Tannum Sands.

"This trade centre is focusing on particular jobs for the future including early training for electrical, clerical, managerial and telecommunications work," he said.

Flynn MP Ken O'Dowd said it would be great to get students skilled up, but said there had already been a similar announcement.

"To date only 10% have been set up. There's a big shortfall so if they produce them at the current pace it will be a long time before we see it," he said.

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