‘Treacherous’: Craig Kelly resigns from Liberal party


Controversial Hughes MP Craig Kelly has sensationally resigned from the Liberal Party, handing the prime minister a letter stating his intention to quit the party effective immediately according to sources inside the party room.

Mr Kelly, who was recently called on the carpet by the prime minister for his spruiking of alternative coronavirus therapies and what many called conspiracy theories, made the move in a Liberal Party caucus meeting on Tuesday.

Craig Kelly has quit the Liberal Party. Picture: NCA NewsWire / Gary Ramage
Craig Kelly has quit the Liberal Party. Picture: NCA NewsWire / Gary Ramage

Mr Kelly said the government will be able to "continue to function" with his support but he quit in order to "speak out" on unproven COVID-19 treatments.

"This is the best decision for myself and for the people that I represent," Mr Kelly said.

"I believe one of the greatest mistakes that has been made in this country, and also the world was from prohibiting doctors from prescribing ivermectin and (hydroxychloroquine)."

Scientists and Australian health experts have repeatedly stated there is no evidence either drug alleviates symptoms of COVID-19.

Mr Kelly said he was not an anti-vaxxer, but supported the use of the other treatments "in concert" with vaccinations.

However, one source claimed Mr Kelly's decision to quit was due to reports a senior member of staff in office continued to work in his role despite multiple young women coming forward to NSW police to allege inappropriate behaviour in the workplace.

The allegations from the women, some as young as 16-years-old, include an instance of unwanted touching, and despite an apprehended violence order being granted in one case.

Kelly apparently intends to support the government in the House, but wishes to be free to discuss coronavirus treatments and other matters without interference.

One Liberal MP told The Daily Telegraph Mr Kelly's decision to quit the party was a "treacherous act" after he had been repeatedly backed to keep his seat in the past.

The source said Mr Kelly justified his peddling of unproven COVID-19 treatments as wanting to "save lives".

"(His departure is) a complete treacherous act," the MP said.

"All the times his arse has been rescued by the party, and he does this."

Originally published as 'Treacherous': Craig Kelly resigns from Liberal party