Traumatised vandals trapped in elevator after crime spree

A GROUP of vandals were left traumatised and exhausted after their destructive spree at a St George school ended with a claustrophobic ordeal when they became trapped in an elevator.

Police were called to St George State School about 7pm on Sunday where they located a group of five distraught youths trapped inside an elevator.

St George Senior-Sergeant Dan Gallagher told the Beacon initial investigations suggested the group had trespassed on to the property and caused damage to school buildings before entering a disability lift, becoming trapped when it malfunctioned.

Snr Sgt Gallagher said the young vandals were hysterical when police freed them.

"We're not sure how long the group were trapped in the lift, it doesn't seem to have been a very long time, but obviously they were pretty traumatised by it," he said.

The group will be dealt with under provisions of the Youth Justice Act 1992, where police will have the chance to support the young offenders and their families.

Snr Sgt Gallagher said police arrived early enough to prevent the incident from having a fatal outcome.

"Their adventure turned into a misadventure," he said.

"When police located them, they were obviously traumatised, but as well as that they were locked in a space with no air conditioning. They were sweating and exhaustion was setting in."

"Timing wise, they were very very lucky."