Ouhoud Omer Arshin pleaded guilty to fraud offences.
Ouhoud Omer Arshin pleaded guilty to fraud offences.

Trainee nurse targets workmate for identity theft and fraud

A YOUNG woman has ruined her dreams of a nursing career after she was caught defrauding a work colleague.

An Ipswich court this week heard the offender photographed the victim's credit card details, then used them to fraudulently buy hundreds of dollars in beauty products.

The frauds of Ouhoud Arshin were exposed when the victim realised her identity had been stolen.

Ipswich Magistrates Court heard Arshin also obstructed police when they arrived to investigate a gathering of people during COVID-19 restrictions.

Ouhoud Omer Arshin, 19, from Redbank Plains, pleaded guilty to five charges of committing fraud by dishonestly obtaining property; two charges of attempted fraud; obtaining/dealing with another person's entity identification to facilitate an offence on June 24; and obstructing police at Redbank Plains on May 7.


Ouhoud Omer Arshin pleaded guilty to fraud offences.
Ouhoud Omer Arshin pleaded guilty to fraud offences.


Arshin also pleaded guilty to unauthorised dealing with shop goods at Indooroopilly on November 28, 2019; and unlawful possession of suspected stolen property (cosmetics and a mobile phone).

Police prosecutor Jack Scott said the frauds and attempted frauds were committed in June this year from her home at Redbank Plains.

The transactions included the purchase of hundreds of dollars in cosmetics and pizza orders.

Mr Scott said Arshin used the woman's identification details after taking photos of her credit cards and drivers licence.

At the time they were trainee nursing work colleagues at an aged care facility.

The court heard the purchases included an order for $890 in beauty products, the $109 purchase of a "wild vanilla orchid" perfume, and two attempted frauds of $735 and $366 were made but the beauty and cosmetic goods were not shipped to her as both businesses were suspicious.

When spoken to at Indooroopilly Shopping Centre police found items in her trolley including clothes, cosmetics and homewares that she had no receipts for.

Facts of the obstruction charge involved police being called to a Redbank Plains unit complex in Willow Road at 6.45pm.

Police saw two males outside and Arshin answered the door then shut it on the officers.

Police could hear laughter and talking inside.

She refused to let police in and her boyfriend is alleged to have yelled at the officers.

Police said both the boyfriend and Arshin blocked their entry to check the unit, and a scuffle took place.

Defence lawyer Amy Zanders said Arshin was born in Sudan and had lived in Australia since childhood.

She had graduated with honours in Year 12 and was studying to be a nurse until her offending.

"She is very embarrassed. As a result it has ruined any career in nursing," Ms Zanders said.

Arshin now hopes to work in aviation.

Magistrate Andy Cridland said the frauds were calculated and very concerning in that she had first accessed the woman's handbag to photograph the woman's bank cards, and taken advantage of a work situation.

"This type of behaviour is not accepted and calls for a deterrent penalty," Mr Cridland said.

Mr Cridland said although it may impact her future employment, he would record a conviction only on the identity theft and related frauds.

No conviction would be recorded on the other charges including the police obstruction and unauthorised dealing with shop goods for which she was fined $400.

Arshin was sentenced to a 15-month probation order, and ordered to pay restitution of $1213.