The Engagement Trailer is a party, conference room and kitchen all in one ... on wheels.
The Engagement Trailer is a party, conference room and kitchen all in one ... on wheels. Contributed

Trailer idea is engaging

THERE is no shortage of business ideas in the Gladstone region. Just to prove that point, here is a business idea you can tow behind your car.

Jeremy Hastings, who has a day job as a communications officer, has branched out to entrepreneurship.

He has created and launched the Engagement Trailer.

The Engagement Trailer is what you might call a party, conference and kitchen in a trailer.

It is a self-powered, all-terrain, multimedia appliance that caters to a variety of different functions.

Plenty of locations can offer all of that, but how many of those locations have two wheels?

Mr Hastings said he came upon the idea about 18 months ago when he was working in remote locations for a major resources company and he realised the difficulties of engaging stakeholders from those hard-to-reach places.

He said the Engagement Trailer had been designed to allow business activities, such as PowerPoint presentations, Skype and faxing, to be done in the great outdoors.

Mr Hastings hopes to expand the business to the rural regions of Australia, including Western Australia. He has started recruiting a bigger business team and hopes to take his idea to potential clients shortly.

He has put plenty of thought into his business plan, and is targeting larger companies and governments who need to function in remote regions.

The trailer features a generator, a state-of-the-art multimedia centre, a whiteboard, hot water sinks, a pull out sunshade and storage for anything else that may be required.

The trailer has been tested over long distances and for off-road conditions.