Police are required to pass information of children in drug-users' homes to the Department of Child Safety.
Police are required to pass information of children in drug-users' homes to the Department of Child Safety. Lord_Ghost

Man spends entire inheritance in 12 months

FRASER James Lyons was a young man with a passion for the music industry.

But life quickly spiralled out of control after his mother died from liver cancer in 2014.

The then 21-year-old singer-songwriter inherited $150,000 from his mother and quickly purchased new recording equipment and an inner-city Brisbane apartment.

"It was in that time he descended into drug addiction problems," defence lawyer Thomas Bray said.

"Within 12 months of receiving that inheritance and his mother passing away, that money was all gone.

"The equipment he had bought for his career had been hocked and he ended up homeless and living on the streets."

Lyons was sentenced to nine months' imprisonment after pleading guilty to 13 charges, including drug-related offences, via videolink in Bundaberg Magistrates Court.

Mr Bray told the court the death of Lyons' mother was the catalyst for the defendant's descent into addiction.

"That's very relevant. If Your Honour looks at his history, you'll see the commencement of his serious offending... commences late 2014," Mr Bray said.

Mr Bray provided a headshot of Lyons from 12 months ago to highlight his physical improvement.

"He has now put on a lot of weight, he's healthier mentally and physically, and says under the correct environment he will be able to maintain drug abstinence," Mr Bray said.

"He was involved in heroin use and methyl amphetamine use but his intention now is to remain drug free."

Magistrate Belinda Merrin said the only punishment left for Lyons' extensive history was a period of imprisonment.

"I'm sure you didn't see your life resulting in this and I'm sure it's not what your mother would have wanted either," she said.

"For someone like you now, your sentences will only get longer and longer and longer."

"You have the support of your partner and her family. All of those things are achievable if you address your issue with drugs."

Ms Merrin sentenced Lyons, who had already served 41 days in custody, to nine months imprisonment with a parole date in October.