SOCIAL MEDIA IMAGE DISCUSS USE WITH YOUR EDITOR - Madison Horton pleaded guilty to drug trafficking in the Gladstone District Court.
SOCIAL MEDIA IMAGE DISCUSS USE WITH YOUR EDITOR - Madison Horton pleaded guilty to drug trafficking in the Gladstone District Court.

Trafficking twin’s ‘ridiculous’ claim of making $5k in a day

A DRUG trafficking twin had set up a commercial operation where he would supply marijuana onto drug dealers.

Madison Kenneth Horton's offending came unstuck during a search warrant last year at an address where he lived with his twin who was sentenced for drug supply earlier in the week.

During the warrant Horton made admissions to the business of selling marijuana.

Based on the statements in a police interview it was established Horton had been trafficking for over a year, with what started sporadically moving into a more regular business.

Messages revealed Horton predominantly sold a quarter of an ounce of marijuana for $100 which then buyers would go on to supply to others.

During the warrant $5000 in cash was found which Horton told police was made in one day - a statement which was accepted as "ridiculous."

Further messages revealed plans with a supplier to purchase five pounds of marijuana for $16,000 at the time the events occurred.

Along with the cash was 1kg of marijuana which Horton said was his.

At the time of the offending Horton was aged between 18 and 19.

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Horton, now 20, pleaded guilty to drug trafficking, possessing dangerous drugs, possessing property obtained from trafficking, possessing anything used in commission of a crime, possessing property suspected of being in used with commission of a drug offence, possessing utensils and breach of authority required to use explosives.

He was sentenced by Judge Michael Burnett in the Gladstone District Court on November 6.

Judge Burnett said it was concerning during the trafficking period Horton had been sentenced for a number of drug offences before another court.

He noted Horton had been diagnosed with depression and anxiety but described him as a "decent young fellow just making bad choices."

"Well if you continue to make bad choices you'll have bad outcomes," Judge Burnett said.

He came to the a short custodial sentence would achieve little for Horton and opted for an immediate parole release.

"If you're going to muck up you're going to do it pretty quickly," Judge Burnett said.

"Your youth has saved you.

"I appreciate what custody can do to people particularly young people.

"If you go in it will because of you not me."

Horton was sentenced to 2.5 years prison with immediate parole.