Drug trafficking couple avoids jail time

MOST people would go to the ends of the Earth for the ones they love - but not jail.

Partners in life soon became partners in crime for Nadine Brooke Quant and Shane Kenneth Nash, who on Thursday pleaded guilty to trafficking cannabis.

Side by side, the Gladstone pair sat in the dock of the Supreme Court of Rockhampton to face their fate.

The court heard Nash, 28, was the principal offender, having developed a drug habit from an early age.

Defence barrister Andrew Hoare, acting on behalf of Nash, said his client's use escalated after the breakdown of a relationship and the loss of his father.

Meanwhile, 21-year-old Quant knew very little about drugs until she met Nash.

"It would seem he led you into this illegal enterprise," Justice Duncan McMeekin said.

Mr Hoare said Nash was deeply sorry for the position he had put her in.

"If he could take any penalty imposed upon her he would," Mr Hoare said.

In May last year a search warrant was executed at their Gladstone home, during which police located small amounts of drugs and a tick sheet detailing money owed to them.

The court heard they had about six or seven regular customers and made a profit of about $1000-$1200 over a month.

Crown prosecutor Joshua Phillips said there was some discussion about purchasing a pound of cannabis for $3000.

However, there is no evidence this transaction took place.

The court heard any proceeds were spent on sustaining their drug habits or everyday items.

Nash also pleaded guilty to supplying meth on two occasions and Quant pleaded guilty to six counts of possessing a dangerous drug.

Quant's defence barrister, Benjamin McMillan, said his client had recently become a mother to the couple's baby boy.

He said she had also volunteered information to the police about her involvement, which resulted in her trafficking charge being extended to a six month period.

Quant and Nash were both sentenced to two years jail with immediate parole.