SUCCESSFUL MISSION: Police and Australian Border Force officers raid a house in LaTrobe St, Tannum Sands. Inset: Garet Louis Gerrard.
SUCCESSFUL MISSION: Police and Australian Border Force officers raid a house in LaTrobe St, Tannum Sands. Inset: Garet Louis Gerrard. Mike Richards GLA240216BUST

Trafficker's weapons stash found by Border Force in raid

A DRUG trafficker described as a "wholesaler" once accepted a stolen excavator as a payment and had over half a kilogram of methamphetamine in his bedroom when he was raided.

A tick sheet located in his Tannum Sands house showed he was owed almost $100,000 for drugs.

Garet Louis Gerrard, 32, was sentenced to a nine-year jail term on Tuesday in the Supreme Court of Rockhampton for his methamphetamine related offending in 2016 including trying to coax a 15-year-old girl into sexual favours in lieu of drugs - twice.

The court heard that not only was this Gerrard's second trafficking conviction in 10 years, police viewed the matter so serious, they called in the special emergency response team of the Australian Border Force to raid his house on February 24, 2016.


The "quite dramatic" facts outlining his offending took up seven A4 pages of sentencing evidence which Justice Graeme Crow summarised.

"It is an enormous amount of criminal offending over a significant period of time," he said.

"In one container and two clip seal bags in your bedroom contained 50.609g of white crystal substance later to be analysed to contain 30.09g of pure methamphetamine."

Justice Crow highlighted the two "significant armouries" found in two separate raids of Gerrard's property with tazors, knuckle busters, shortened shot guns, pistols, air rifles, ammunition, rifles, crossbow and a box of explosives as putting Gerrard on the verge of a 10-plus year prison term that would see him still in jail for his 40th birthday.

Police also found seven $100 counterfeit bills buried in the "wholesaler's" backyard.


Garet Gerrard on Facebook.
Garet Gerrard on Facebook.

Gerrard offered to supply one of his 21 customers with $20,000 of meth while knocking back a request for an $800 supply, replying "Ha ha. I don't do small s--- like that any more."

A tick sheet located among the jewellery, tools, cash, weapons and drugs showed Gerrard was owed $92,750 for drugs.

The trafficking offences were committed at Gladstone and Tannum Sands between March 31, 2014 and February 24, 2016.

Not only was he busted for trafficking and weapons from the February 2016 raid, Gerrard was busted supplying drugs again while he was on bail for the trafficking charge.

"It was obvious the enterprise was very much in full swing when the police intercepted," Crown prosecutor Joshua Phillips said.

"This is an increase in his criminality."

He said the trafficking offending Gerrard pleaded guilty to in 2008 involved a shorter period with most supplies being made to an undercover officer.

Defence barrister Benjamin Dighton said the earlier trafficker flowed from Gerrard's increase use of ice and support his habit.

Gerrard will be eligible for parole on April 18, 2019 after Justice Crow declared 735 days presentence custody.