RESTITUTION: Blair Seul's big kicks did almost $3000 damage to his mother-in-law's gate.
RESTITUTION: Blair Seul's big kicks did almost $3000 damage to his mother-in-law's gate. Ross Irby

Tradie has temper tantrum and smashes family's fence

A TEMPER tantrum by tradie Blair Seul led to a $3000 damages bill after he kicked-out the gate at his mother-in-law's house.

Dressed in red floral boardies and with rubber thongs on his feet, the painter went before Ipswich Magistrates Court last week to explain his antics.

Blair Charles Seul, 26, from North Booval, pleaded guilty to causing wilful damage at Laidley on Friday, February 8.

Police prosecutor Senior Constable Dave Shelton said the house in Patrick St was rented by the mother of his partner.

Seul had been drinking when he caught a bus to Laidley at 2pm to visit her.

He then drank more alcohol at the house before having a verbal argument with his partner at 7pm.

Snr Const Shelton said Seul left the house to walk to his sister's Laidley home.

He returned but there was another argument and his partner went back inside her mother's home.

There was a closed wooden gate with large concrete posts either side clad with a sandstone facade.

Snr Const Shelton said Seul began to kick the gate many times and the force of his blows caused the sandstone to crack.

The blows dislodged the wooden gate and rail attached to the blocks. Seul then walked off after causing the damage.

The owner of the house said $2936 damage was caused and sought restitution for repairs.

Defence lawyer Dylan Hans said Seul, a painter, had acted in frustration when he lashed out with his feet.

"He acted impulsively and immaturely," Mr Hans said.

"(He) damaged the landlord's property."

Magistrate Andy Cridland said police supplied a photo of the damage caused. Seul's criminal history did show he was prone to violence with a conviction for assault.

Mr Cridland warned Seul that sort of bad behaviour, if kept up, would cause him to go back to jail.

Seul was sentenced to complete a 12-month supervised probation order. He was also ordered to pay $2936 in restitution.