Queensland mum in the fight of her life

A Townsville family has suffered a devastating blow after a "generous and selfless" mother was diagnosed with cancer only a few years after her son was born with a life-threatening heart condition.

Kristina Townsend recently learned she had lung cancer, despite not being a smoker.

Mrs Townsend said the news of her diagnosis was crushing, with the most recent tests showing additional tumours had appeared in her neck, lower back, right shoulder and right femur.

"I was shocked," Mrs Townsend said.

"They are running a lot of tests at the moment and trying to see where they can go from here.

"They are figuring out what treatments can be done."

Kristina and Steven Townsend with their children.
Kristina and Steven Townsend with their children.

The Rasmussen resident said her family and friends had been great during a difficult period.

"I've got a lot of supportive people around," she said.

"My husband Steven has been great."

The 44-year-old said it was hard telling her two children, Sean and Hollie, about the news.

"We're just telling them I'm very sick at the moment and the doctors are trying to fix mummy up. They're only four and five, so it's very hard for them to understand.

"I'm just hoping they can figure out what's going on and they can cure me so I can see my kids grow up and just have a normal life."

Mrs Townsend's son Sean was born with a rare heart condition called Tetralogy of Fallot.

The condition means the heart is pumping oxygen-poor blood around the body.

Sean and Hollie Townsend.
Sean and Hollie Townsend.

"He had open heart surgery at three and half months old and he's going to need further operations as he gets older," Mrs Townsend said.

"He's got a leaky heart valve."

Jen Alexander is a close friend of Mrs Townsend and praised her selflessness.

"She's known by everyone and volunteers everywhere," Ms Alexander said.

"Anything she can put her hand up for she has. If anyone has been sick she is the first to help them. She is the most generous and selfless person you'd come across.

"It's time people give back to her."

Kristina and Steven Townsend.
Kristina and Steven Townsend.

A GoFundMe has been set up by Ms Alexander to help support the family during this time.

The money will go towards Mrs Townsend's ongoing appointments and treatment as well as care for her children.

"The house they live in is a high set house and they live downstairs," Ms Alexander said.

"There's no bathroom downstairs and they use a portaloo.

"So if there's any builders or plumbers who want to volunteer their services to help get them a bathroom that would be great."

Originally published as Townsville mum in the fight of her life