The tiny town of Theodore loses its annual show because there are not enough volunteers to run the event.
The tiny town of Theodore loses its annual show because there are not enough volunteers to run the event.

NO MORE SHOW: Community apathy final nail in event's coffin

THE community of Theodore has been told to stand up and fight for the return of the town show.

The Theodore Show Society announced at its last meeting (November 4) that the 2020 Theodore Show would not go ahead, for the first time since 1983.

Theodore Show Society secretary Caitlyn Hewitt said the decision was made by the Show Society to cancel the 2020 show due to a lack of support from the community to step up and fill executive positions and volunteer roles that make a show come together.

"There are a lot of people in this community that do a lot for it but there are also a lot that don't do to much for whatever reasons or commitments," Mrs Hewitt said.

"We did a count and raised the point that there's 25 community groups in Theodore which have 400 people and it seems to be the same people in each committee and we're all run a bit short.

"The fact is that, if people want these events, they have to step up and give a couple of hours here and there, which all makes a difference."

In 1983 the Theodore Show was cancelled due to weather conditions and Mrs Hewitt said the community managed to put a show together, even after flooding events of 2010-2011.

Finding volunteers from the younger generations is the biggest hurdle to overcome for the Show Society who rely on volunteers to get a show together each year.

"Volunteering is not as common any more and we find people don't wanna do something for nothing," Mrs Hewitt said.

"In the Show Society I'm 30, the next youngest is 35ish and then it goes straight to the 50s and 60s.

"There's a real generation gap there and it's labour intensive setting up and the majority doing it are 60-70 years old."

Mrs Hewitt said the loss of the show had a financial backlash for the Theodore community.

"The show injects over $40,000 back into Theodore with accommodation, the prizes that are purchased locally and so on," Mrs Hewitt said.

"The community is going to forego that over the next year or so and that's going to hurt with the climate and the drought."

The Theodore Show Society has formed a skeleton committee which will continue to work on projects to improve the quality of the town show.

"You do it for the kids of the community with two days of rides, fun, entertainment and showcasing the local produce and talent," Mrs Hewitt said.

"The kids are the ultimate factor and the parents aren't there fighting for it."

Mrs Hewitt said the Theodore Show Society's doors were always open to volunteers.