WINNER WINNER: Rosalie McPherson from Nextra Valley News is Town Proud.
WINNER WINNER: Rosalie McPherson from Nextra Valley News is Town Proud. Mike Richards GLA260318TOWN

TOWN PROUD: Newsagent knows how to find winners

Nextra Valley News is happy to be Town Proud.

In fact, they've been town proud for almost three decades.

In transient times where businesses come and go in the blink of an eye, the Gladstone Valley store is still going strong.

Store owner Rosalie McPherson has been at the helm since the beginning.

"We had Harbour News which was further up the road and isn't there now, but this particular newsagency was in this (Valley) centre but then it was moved over to Tank St," she said.

"When we purchased it it was in Tank St."

Despite being at the Valley Shopping Centre for the past 26 years, not a lot has changed over the years.

"There hasn't been a huge amount of changes although now there's not as many people out there as there was," Rosalie said.

"The actual centre itself hasn't changed that much even though it's had a few different owners. We've had a new centre owner for about six months now.

"When we had a dive in population we lost a lot of our regulars, but in saying that we've retained a lot of our local customers so we have a pretty good regular customer base who we know all their names."

When the opportunity to become involved in the Town Proud campaign came up, Rosalie jumped at the chance.

"I got an email asking if I'd like to be involved and I thought that's the perfect type of thing that you want to be involved in, to shop local," she said.

"It made it an easy thing to do because a lot of people spend over $5 so you're nearly giving everyone a chance to win the $10,000 which they're pretty happy about."

While Rosalie would be ecstatic to have the Town Proud winner come from her newsagency, it's by far not the biggest prize Nextra Valley News has been involved in.

The store has sold many first division winners with the biggest jackpot topping the $2million mark.