The scenes at Midge Point after Cyclone Debbie.
The scenes at Midge Point after Cyclone Debbie. Kylie Barry

Town hit hard by Debbie faces Iris

A COMMUNITY hit hard by Cyclone Debbie is again bracing for the worst.

As Cyclone Iris threatens, Midge Point Tavern owners Kay and Neil Brooks say they will stay open to help residents, who are still recovering from last year's cyclone.

Mrs Brooks said the tavern had a generator and would be able to "put on a meal and a cold beer" for anyone who lost power, and provide ATM facilities for anyone low on cash.

And after the immediate danger had passed, Ms Brooks said "it's good for some people to get out of their houses and have a chat and beer."

Midge Point VMR president Gary Considine said the rescue boat had been locked safe from harm in the association's shed and preparations had been made to ensure enough fuel was available to run generators should power go down.

"It's a part of living in paradise," he said.

Navio Zeglio, of the Midge Point Progress Association, said the small tides of below five metres would be a saving grace for the community.

"During Cyclone Debbie we had 6m tides. It knocked the trees down and loosened the sand," he said.

An 11-year resident of Midge Point, Mr Zeglio said a lot of the older generation had moved out of the area after the havoc wrecked by Cyclone Debbie and many of the younger locals were away, working in the mines.