Calliope State High School
Calliope State High School

Town celebrates as school is finally opened

HER children may have passed the ages to attend Calliope High School, but that did not make yesterday's opening any less exciting for Lynda Ninness.

Ms Ninness spearheaded a campaign throughout 2013 for the school land to be saved.

"I never thought it was going to happen with all the hurdles we had to climb over the last couple of years and it is just wonderful," Ms Ninness said.

Ms Ninness originally fought for the land so her children could go to a high school closer to home, but she realised the need for the school was much bigger.

"I saw how much the region was growing and at the time they kept saying we didn't need a high school," she said.

"You could just see the older kids from the state school coming through and eventually those kids were going to need a high school, it just added up."

As campaign co-ordinator, Ms Ninness met with state candidates prior to the 2015 election and attended community cabinet meetings to lobby for the school land to be taken off the market.

"I was just doing what I felt needed to be done," she said.

The land was taken off the market in 2015 after Labor won the Queensland Government election.

In January 2016 the Queensland Government promised to build the school.