Greg Norman and Terry Agnew on Great Keppel Island
Greg Norman and Terry Agnew on Great Keppel Island Christine Mckee

Tower responds to questions about Great Keppel Island resort

AFTER a number of queries made by members of the public regarding the status of the old resort on Great Keppel Island, Tower Holdings provided Our Keppel Our Future with an update last week.

The Tower group released an email last week stating they employed a full-time caretaker on the island who carried out weekly maintenance on the public areas around the resort area.

"We have also continued to keep open the Sand Bar/Water sports facility and let Shayne operate this so that it keeps the beach area active and clean.

"We have also fully fenced the resort area for safety reasons," the group said.

"In regard to the cleaning of Fisherman's Beach and Putney Beach, this is actually owned by the council, not Tower. Tower has no legal right to undertake maintenance of these areas.

"In regard to the cleaning of the inside of the resort precinct, all of these buildings are proposed to be demolished."

Prior to the resort being closed a significant clean up of the resort was undertaken to remove any organic matter so that vermin would not be attracted, the email continued.

"In regards to the current council clean-up of the Island, we have also contributed funds towards this clean-up," Tower said.

Member of OKOF Vanessa Rauluni said Tower was working extremely hard towards seeing the development come to fruition.

"They are certainly not sitting on their hands and we are excited about the future of the region," she said.

"They are committed to the resort.

"We look forward to their plans become a reality in the not too distant future."