CLUE: The towel police hope will lead them to the killers.
CLUE: The towel police hope will lead them to the killers.

Towel clue to headless body death

POLICE want people to take a fresh look at the beach towel design at right to help them identify the victim of last month's Cedar Pocket mutilation murder.

A special investigation centre remains in operation at Gympie police station after a headless and largely limbless torso was found in a grassfire beside Cedar Pocket Rd.

Regional investigation head Bruce McNab yesterday said a Tin Can Bay resident had come forward with a towel just like the one found in a charred state near the body.

"We now have the brand and the gentleman who brought it in said he had been given it about 20 years ago in another state," Detective Inspector McNab said.

"So we have broadened our investigation again.

"We couldn't see much of the pattern on the burnt one, but on this one we can see a motif with three persons surfing.

"We are appealing to the public to look closely at the towel. We're asking them to help us if they have seen or owned a towel like it, or even seen one in an op shop.

"We are confident this will give us a lead towards identifying the victim.

"We're looking at the brand, who manufactured it and distributed it."

Det Insp McNab said police were continuing their checks on people registered as missing.

"It's a slow, thorough process," he said.

"Every day we're moving closer to identifying the victim, and not just the victim, but the persons who perpetrated this crime."

The headless body was severed below the ribs and the lower arms removed, police said.

Rural firefighters found the body on September 19 in a fire burning about 2m off the bitumen of Cedar Pocket Rd.