Steve Lill and Col Brett from Rockhampton enjoy the fishing at Awonga Dam.
Steve Lill and Col Brett from Rockhampton enjoy the fishing at Awonga Dam. Christopher Chan GLA120113BASS

Barra tournament snags success on return to Awoonga

AFTER two years of rain across Queensland making it impossible to hold barramundi competitions, the Barra and Basstasstic Oztackle tournament at Awoonga Dam returned at the weekend with great success.

The tournament attracted about 60 people from across Queensland and was run from the bush camp at Boynedale, near the back of Awoonga Dam.

The office for registering opened on Friday at 5pm, with the competition closing at 10am on Sunday.

Karim Deidier came in on top as the best overall angler with the five biggest barramundi, one measuring 1.6m.

Jessica VanHole won the award for best female angler with a 1.54m catch.

Craig Griffiths walked away with the most barramundi caught, with 14 fish.

Barra and Basstasstic is a voluntary group of anglers providing fishing tournaments across the state.

The main men behind the operation are Trevor Crofts and Russell Nowland, who acted as officials at the weekend.

Mr Nowland, of Monto, said that it had been a good response for the first time back.

"Access is really good while the dam is full," he said.

After organising tournaments since 2006, the pair and their many helpers have their safety and reporting systems down pat. Each angler was given a starter pack with a number.

All fish caught by that angler were recorded to his or her name with photographs of all the fish taken with that number on a brag mat.

"You learn little things as you go along," Mr Nowland said. "It's safer up the back of the dam and a lot of fish are being caught there."

The next Barra and Basstasstic tournament will be on February 9 and 10 at Monduran Dam.

Fishermen hook into Awoonga Dam's barra

ANGLERS Col Brett and Steve Lill can't get enough of Awoonga Dam's barramundi hit.

The pair often makes up a team under the name of Lethal Lures, but it was every man for himself at the weekend at the Barra and Basstasstic Oztackle tournament held at the dam.

Col and Brett travelled down from Rockhampton for the tournament, staying at the Awoonga Dam Caravan Park, and enjoyed their time on the water in a 4m hornet boat.

They had entered the competition before the floods and said that although the fish were a lot bigger then, it was good to see them coming back.

Clearly there are fish to be caught if you have the know-how.

Both fishers pulled in more than the five needed to qualify for entry into the best overall angler category by noon on Saturday, and they hoped to upgrade on their sizes before the competition closed at 10am on Sunday.

Without giving away their secret spots, the pair managed to provide some areas for anglers to give a go - they recommended Dingo Island and Iverah Creek.