PURSUIT OVER: Sam Stiller with a good-size bass.
PURSUIT OVER: Sam Stiller with a good-size bass. CONTRIBUTED

TOTALLY HOOKED: Anglers target Everglades' bass

WITH some high-profile anglers recently visiting the Sunshine Coast and heading up to the Noosa Everglades in pursuit of bass I thought this is a great time to talk about this native Australian species. Bass tend to live in fresh and head to brackish water to spawn. Most of our local impoundments are well stocked, and at the moment a lot of fish are schooled up near the dam walls as their instincts drive them to head down river to spawn.

Bass can be taken on a variety of live baits such as grass hopper and cicadas as well as fresh water shrimp, but I feel the best way to target them is with lures. Whether targeting Bass by foot or by boat, find a promising piece of structure and approach it with stealth. Get yourself within casting distance but no closer and cast towards the structure, working your lure away from it. When you do hook up, go hard keep the fish's head moving forward towards you as they will try and run back to cover. If you are fishing impoundments you can also use the same technique fishing around the upper reaches of the dam and work the timbered sections. Another great approach is to cast surface lures, you will have the best success with these in the low light period morning and evenings. I have found that the darker colours work better as the fish see the silhouette better.

Fishing soft plastic is also very popular and is great when the fish are holding deep. Jig heads ranging from 1/6 to ½ ounce are needed to get the plastics down in front of the fish. I like small fish profiles like the Keitech and Zman range with plastic ranging in size from three to five inches. Vibes and blades are also very popular and are designed not only to look the part but to put out a vibration that moves down the lateral line of the fish, these are also excellent for attracting fish. As far as blades go you can't beat the Little Max blades, they come in some great colours and have a good weight range. When you do find a school, the fish will tend to stay with you, that is to say that if there is a food source they are not going anywhere, the crazy thing about it is that if you release a fish back to a school they can tend to spook the rest of the school and they won't feed.

Now there is a closed season on bass throughout Queensland tidal waters from 1 June to 31 August, but this only applies to tidal water so fishing impoundment is perfectly legal. There are bag and size limits with a minimum size of 30cm and a bag limit of 2 fish.

The first ever Gone Fishing Day will be held on the 16th of October 2016. This is a day when all Australians can get out on the water for a fish and celebrate our love of fishing. It doesn't matter if you have never fished before, Gone Fishing Day is for everyone. So why not sign up for the biggest fishing event on the Australian fishing Calendar. Jump on line and check it out and register at https://gonefishingday.org/

Now for all the latest information log onto www.fishingnoosa.com.au for up to date bar and fishing reports, don't forget to drop into Davo's Tackle World in Noosa or Davo's Northshore Bait & Tackle at Marcoola to find out where the fish are biting, and remember Tight Lines and Bent Spines!

Log on to http://www.fishingnoosa.com.au for up-to-date bar and fishing reports. Drop into Davo's Tackle World in Noosa or Davo's Northshore Bait & Tackle at Marcoola to find out where the fish are biting, and remember: tight lines and bent spines.