Plenty of hockey action on Friday nights and all day Saturday
Plenty of hockey action on Friday nights and all day Saturday Jake Jones

Hockey: Tori could play four grand finals

TORI Eddy could play in four hockey grand finals this year, if results happen to fall her way next week.

The 13-year-old has two matches, in the A3 division and under-15s, which could put her Sparks teams in the grand finals.

But she has already won through in two teams, the A2 and her under-13 team, awaiting winners of semi-finals next week.

It is not anything that is surprising the young goalkeeper who is taking it all in her stride.

"This is the first I have thought about it, I never thought that would happen," she said.

When she started playing in four teams at the beginning of the year, Tori admits she was left absolutely worn out at the end of four games.

Abbey Lowry.
Abbey Lowry.

Now she has grown used to playing so much game time, something which has helped her development.

The improvement has not gone unnoticed.

"I have been allowed to train with the Queensland boys and girls for my development and I train in the off-season too," she said.

"I have learnt how to slide and dive and how to get up quicker."

It is all helping Tori, who kept her team ahead, particularly with a number of good saves in the under-13 match.

Zarah Nash.
Zarah Nash.

She only decided to be a keeper two years ago after being thrust into the position for a semi-final.

"I played the semi-final in under-15s and I decided to play it from there," she said.

"I enjoy just being there talking to the team."

Tori's semi-final results

Under-13- Won 4-2 against Meteors

Under-15- Lost 8-1 to Meteors

A2- Won 3-2 against Souths

A3- Lost 1-0 to Meteors