Top tips: How to avoid mechanical mishaps this holidays

ONE of Gladstone’s most experienced mechanics has offered his three tips for drivers to avoid mechanical mishaps this school holidays.

Gary Lenz, founder of Gary Lenz Mechanical on Hanson Road, said nothing beat regular and preventive services before a long-haul drive.

“A general service covers everything from your tyres, cooling systems and everything in between,” Mr Lenz said.

“If you wanted to break it down then checking your tyre pressure and condition is the absolute number one.

“Number two is check your cooling system and water levels.

“Number three would be ensure your engine is running smoothly before you head off.”

As families around the region load up their caravans and camper trailers, it is important to make sure the loads being towed will make the journey safely.

“The safety and integrity of your towing hitch is the number one priority before setting off these holidays,” Mr Lenz said.

“Also, knowing the weights of both your vehicle and what you are towing is important, making sure what you are towing is the legal weight.

“People also need to make sure, if it is a brake trailer, to have a brake controller operational too.”

Mr Lenz also commented on airbag safety, telling drivers to seek mechanical assistance if issues arise.

“As far as airbags are concerned there is nothing people need to look out for,” he said.

“They are controlled by computers; a light comes up if the car loses airbag function, so it is a pretty controlled environment.”

Mr Lenz invited the community to book in for a service at Gary Lenz Mechanical by calling 4972 6244 or going online to