TOP CATCH: Gavin Gaw caught this beautiful looking tuna on an equally good looking day.
TOP CATCH: Gavin Gaw caught this beautiful looking tuna on an equally good looking day. Contributed

New moon means it's time to bait a line and catch some fish

IT'S NEW moon time again and over the course of the next week I reckon the fishing in this region is going to go nuts, starting with awesome weather predictions for tomorrow.

I have no doubt planning this weekend's adventure of where you are going to go, what time you are going to leave and return but more importantly who is going with you is already in your minds.

As we come off the last quarter moon phase the tides are building to next week's new moon big tides so this weekend presents as one of the best opportunities to get out to the deep stuff before those tidal runs increase towards the middle of the week.

Places like the 100m line outside Sykes Reef are ripe for the picking this weekend as even the swell prediction has it down around half a metre, which in layman's terms is flat as a bikkie.

Tomorrow morning the wind should drop right down to glass out conditions according to Seabreeze on Saturday and popping up to 10-15 Sunday lunchtime before dropping out again, but the BOM predictions at the time of writing are suggesting that it should be 5-10 knots Saturday and Sunday.

It might pay to check just prior to leaving. I also see that the weather station on Rundle Island is still not up and running.

We tend to watch the three of them being Gladstone for the harbour conditions, Rundle for coastal waters, and Heron for what the weather is doing 50 miles offshore, and from that you can really build a well-informed view of what all three areas are like.

August, for fishing this region, is sensational both inshore and offshore.

Brendan and Jake showing off their nice catch with a smile.
Brendan and Jake showing off their nice catch with a smile. Contributed

For those who like to fish inshore, my species to target would be bream, for starters as they are in excellent nick right around the harbour, lurking along those rocky walls, and cruising along the likes of the Lillies beach just in the surf line, or maybe grunter on the gravely areas, or some salmon in the dirtier water of the Calliope, or along the eastern side of Turtle Island.

Actually, that particular bay, which has the borders of The Gut, and back to Turtle Island, is quite interesting, as the world famous Johnny Mitchell, took me on a tour one day, explaining one side of the bay has relatively clean water with soft corals, and the odd reef on the eastern side, while the water which runs along Turtle Island, is murky and the barramundi, and salmon love it.

Never the less close to shore but outside the harbour there are pelagics galore with excellent numbers of most species of mackerel, GTs, tuna and the illusive bill fish which are on their way south.

These are mostly juvenile fish in the 20-30kg range but if you are floating baits out the back or tolling lures or fresh bait then you should make sure your gear is certainly up to scratch.

Sue Campbell with her whiting and hubby’s bream.
Sue Campbell with her whiting and hubby’s bream. Contributes

Get it serviced and there are plenty of people around to do that. Mick Jones, who has Reel Smooth, is just one of those people, and I'm sure there's more.

He has a Facebook page, and will look after your precious gear.

Off shore things will really heat up as the reds, pearl perch and snapper will be on the chew in the 60-100m stuff.

The reefs should be red hot as well with Douglas Shoal yielding some excellent trout and sweetlip of late, as is Broomfield, Sykes, Masthead, Lamont, and Fitzroy.

Some of the deeper spots outside Fitzroy will be humming with reds as well so a night in Fitzroy Lagoon could be on the cards.

For those leaving from 1770 the inner and outer wides will be very special on days like Saturday and Sunday if you only wanted a day trip but with the conditions looking so favourable places like Boult and Fitzroy reefs should be in your sights.

If you get out there, make sure you take your camera, as there are plenty of whales in the region at the moment, plus I want some nice pictures of your trophy fish.

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Such a great region, with excellent fishing. Get amongst it.

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