Steve Beale has won a national award for his work at MIPEC.
Steve Beale has won a national award for his work at MIPEC. Mike Richards

MIPEC wins awards for marine surveying excellence

MARINE services firm MIPEC and its managing director Steve Beale have been acknowledged within the marine surveying industry with awards of excellence.

Mr Beale was awarded the Mike Bozier Award for his outstanding contribution to the marine survey industry.

His company, MIPEC Marine Surveyors and Consultants, won the inaugural Award for Excellence for Marine Surveying Practice Australia.

Created 11 years ago, MIPEC has grown into a widely diversified marine services industry in Gladstone which currently employs about 70 people, and is looking to expand further into other regional areas.

The awards, Mr Beale said, were substantial recognition for the quality of service offered by MIPEC in the marine survey industry.

"When it comes to surveys, we will do a routine safety inspection on a small vessel right through to loading supervision of coal exports, and also providing expert legal and insurance work," he said.

Mr Beale said he had not been aware he had been nominated for the Mike Bozier Award, and received a surprise when it was announced at a special ceremony in Tasmania.

The marine services industry is experiencing some challenging times at present with many sections of industry in a depressed state, which has had a dramatic impact on the business.

"It's become highly competitive and we are having to look further afield than central Queensland to keep ahead," he said.

"These awards are great to receive, although I don't expect they will bring us a lot of new business."

As well as the surveying business, MIPEC also has facilities and asset maintenance division, manufacturing, vessel construction and marine operations division, and slipway services.