NOW THAT’S A FISH! Jarid Fink shows off a 70cm emperor.
NOW THAT’S A FISH! Jarid Fink shows off a 70cm emperor.

TOP SPOTS: Why winter fishing in Gladstone gets results

Weekly columnist Darryl Branthwaite talks everything fishing in his latest piece for The Observer:

AT LAST there has been a run of great weather conditions and very bright nights with an enormous full moon lighting up the region.

I have to admit this time of the year is one of the reasons an Invercargill kid wanted to come here in 1982.

The weather during the so-called winter in the Gladstone region and Southern Great Barrier Reef is so good, apart from, perhaps, last weekend.

Today would have to be the pick of the next few, with glass-out conditions predicted for most of the daylight hours.

I expect to see some good numbers of fish up on the Facebook pages in the next few days so don’t disappoint me.

On the ground in the Inner and Outer Wides from 1770, even though it’s a vast area, there will be standing room only this weekend.

A friend of mine from Forest Glen told me on Monday there was a group coming up from Brisbane to fish off the Discovery Coast this weekend and it will be perfect conditions.

The marketing and work that PE Tackle has done with regard to catching those illusive reds and sharing the footage on You Tube and Facebook has certainly contributed to Scott buying 24 of them for his trip to 1770.

It will be quite an expensive trip when you start adding the cost up, especially when many of us just rely on fresh baits and the biggest section of squid we can find.

I did suggest they take some squid just in case they don’t have any luck with the tackle.

Seventeen Seventy and the road between there and Agnes Water will be loaded with trailers as dozens make the trek up. Please encourage those visiting to log on to VMR Round Hill or VMR Gladstone as they leave.

Inshore things are heating up as well, with excellent numbers of grunter, flathead, bream and salmon being caught.

The barra, while some are still being landed, are rather quiet and you need to work hard to catch them.

Think about what conditions they like.

For example, they like the warmer water, as they are rather sooky-la-la fish, and the hot water outlet at NRG is a prime example of where they will hang out.

And, if you are fishing the dam, think about where the wind is blowing the warmed up surface water to and that’s the likely place you are bound to get a hook-up.

The weather at the weekend is looking awesome, maybe popping up on Saturday evening from the north but dropping back out again on Sunday as it swings around to the south-east.

Johnny Mitchell has been flat out, not only with charters, as he has just launched his new video, Wild Adventures Estuaries, Know You Backyard.

Judging by past videos called Wild Adventures the footage will be second to none and the information he shares will be invaluable.

These are available at your favourite tackle shop.

For those chasing pelagics how about checking out Cathy “I can fish all night” Cornwell as she proudly shows off her 10kg golden trevally.

Cathy Cornwell with her 10 kg Golden trevally.
CHECK IT OUT! Cathy Cornwell lands a 10kg golden trevally.

This little lady is a very good friend of mine and just lives for fishing, but she is yet to latch on to a red emperor.

Heaven help the photo when she does because only a gobful of lemons will remove the grin.

Hooroo, Dags.