THE boys turning run-down Toowoomba cottages into modern masterpieces are back at it again.

The self-styled Reno Lads, made up of Baden and Nelson Marino-Hall, have finished their most expensive renovation to date at 75 Geoffrey St, Mt Lofty.

The pair made headlines earlier this year after they turned around an East Toowoomba house for about $90,000 profit and have now made the Garden City their base of operations.

( From left ) Nelson and Baden Merino - Hall. The Reno Lads continue their success with home renovation in Toowoomba. Wednesday, 30th Aug, 2017.
The Reno Lads team of Nelson and Baden Marino-Hall have finished a renovation of 75 Geoffrey St in Mount Lofty. Nev Madsen

After injecting upwards of $100,000 into the Queenslander on Geoffrey St, which was described as "the worst house on the nicest street", the married couple will now open the doors tomorrow for public inspections.

Baden said it wasn't an easy renovation, considering how much the pair had to change the floor plan.

"We reconfigured the entire floor plan at Project Geoffrey by converting the old living room into a luxuriously oversized family bathroom, transformed the old kitchen into a family lounge and gutted the entire back of the house to create a sleek modern kitchen that opens out to a huge wrap around deck," he said.

On top of a re-arrangement, the Reno Lads added luxurious extras like a free-standing stone bath tub, studio retreat and marble tiles.

"People are looking for value and we're thrilled to be one of the first and only to include these luxury touches in our renovations," Baden said.

The property's previous owner moved into a retirement home because of ill health.

STUNNER: Professional shots of 75 Geoffrey St in Mount Lofty, completed by The Reno Lads team of Nelson and Baden Marino-Hall.
STUNNER: The Reno Lads team of Nelson and Baden Marino-Hall have finished a renovation of 75 Geoffrey St in Mount Lofty. Photos: Curly's Shot Photography Contributed

Nelson said one of the most satisfying things about the renovation was giving the man's family a tour of the new house.

"We had the son of the original owner pop in and see us last week," he said.

"It was lovely to have his son and family come and have a look last week and tell us they have been following us on our Facebook page.

"They were so happy to see how we had respectfully injected new life into the loved house they previously owned for over 50 years."

Nelson thanked all the tradesmen who helped the couple turn around Geoffrey St.

The house inspection at the house starts from 11am tomorrow. For details, head to

You can also check out their Facebook page.