Toowoomba school staff member diagnosed with COVID-19

A ST Joseph's College staff member has tested positive to COVID-19, the Diocese of Toowoomba Catholic Schools has announced. 

The organisation's executive director Dr Patrick Coughlan said the staff member tested positive after a period of self-isolation.

"Advice from Queensland Health is that the staff member was not infectious whilst in attendance at the College prior to self-isolating, and consequently there is no increased risk to students or staff," Dr Coughlan said.

"As a result, students and staff do not need to be isolated nor does the College need to close. 

"The parent community has been informed and further updates will continue if necessary. 

"The staff member will remain isolated until cleared by the relevant medical professionals to return to work. 

"The College continues to remain in contact with health professionals and will follow any advice received to ensure the safety of students and staff."

Seven people have so far been diagnosed with COVID-19 in Toowoomba.