Lightning hit the Sardon St home about 9pm.

A Queensland Fire and Emergency Services spokeswoman said the occupants reported hearing a large crack, followed by a burning smell.

Firefighters attended and found where the lightning hit but luckily it did not cause a fire.

Paramedics also attended, though no one was injured.

The strike occurred at the tail end of a very wet and wild weekend.

Storms cut power to 534 Ergon Energy customers in Glenvale from 8.05-9.49pm and 1746 Westbrook customers from 8.14-8.32pm.

An Ergon Energy spokesman said there were side-spread outages and brownouts across Toowoomba, but most only lasted a few seconds.

In the past 24 hours the Bureau of Meteorology recorded about 30mm of rain in Toowoomba, 67 at Mt Sylvia, 33mm at Upper Tenthill and 49mm at Oakey.

Originally published as Toowoomba home hit by lightning in wild storm